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Stream with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

ScentAir Streamâ„¢ with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth is an IoT connected, high-performance scent diffusion HVAC solution. Designed to maximize scent delivery invisible to environments, with enterprise-class tools that enable customizable scheduling and intensity control from any internet-connected device.

ADVANCED ATOMIZED TECHNOLOGY Patented technology diffuses fragrance in a fine, invisible spray HVAC CONNECTED FRAGRANCE Professional quality fragrance delivered invisibly through existing HVAC systems CLOUD-BASED SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Control your system from any mobile device

ENTERPRISE LEVEL CONTROLS Ability to assign multiple users and permissions within the portal 24/7 SYSTEM MONITORING Real-time schedule visibility and offline alert notifications COVERS OVER 3,000 SQ FT Coverage for large or challenging indoor spaces

Wi-Fi Device Control

Scalable Scent Solution A solution designed for complex and large scale environments

Flexible Scheduling Options Create custom scent schedules and adjust scent intensity

Control your system anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device


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