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odor neutralizing Our extensive fragrance library includes a special collection of odor neutralizing fragrances that greatly reduce, neutralize or completely eliminate troublesome malodors in the air. Including those related to:



Kitchens Pets/Animals Cigarettes

Body Odor

The Cannabis Neutralizer, joins more than 30 ON fragrances. It’s specifically formulated to neutralize bold cannabis odors, infusing spaces with a fresh scent of white tea, crisp apple, ozonic breeze complemented by lavender, fresh woods and airy musk.


Popular ON fragrances include: Golden Bamboo, Green Clover & Aloe, Lavender & Ylang, Meadow Clean, Tranquil Waters, Tropical Coconut, and White Tea & Thyme.


Odor Bonding* Odor neutralizing fragrances bond with malodors, literally changing their molecular structure. *Patented and patents pending

Odor Detection Odor neutralizing technology seeks out malodor causing molecules.

Undetectable Odor New, bonded molecules can either no longer be detected or drop out of the air.


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