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Elevating Hospitality with Westin Hotels & Resorts and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino


OVERVIEW Many early adopters of scent marketing came from the hospitality industry. Hospitality leaders quickly recognized that a consistent scent diffused across their locations would provide a captivating addition to their brand identity and guest experience. Thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide have introduced ScentAir, ranging from boutique hotels to global, multi- property brands. Las Vegas is full of resort casinos, but none quite like the one at Mandalay Bay where guests a meticulously designed space like no other in Las Vegas. The MGM Resorts property is known as an oasis retreat from the Las Vegas desert. Likewise, Westin Hotels & Resorts has spent the last several decades refining its brand. With more than 200 locations, Westin Hotels & Resorts offer guests artfully designed properties in the world’s most exciting destinations.

With a strong brand identity, hospitality leaders Westin Hotels & Resorts and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino create world-class guest experiences. CHALLENGE Elevate guest experiences and create lasting brand impressions on guests. SOLUTION ScentAir fragrances refine the guest experience in each hotel brand, creating lasting impressions and better guest reviews.

It’s all about the experience. ScentAir has added another dimension to our guests’ experience. Guests and staff just love it! General Manager, Mandalay Bay

CHALLENGE Each hotel brand has a unique set of challenges. For Mandalay Bay, building off their high-end, tropical brand identity was important. Their property is an escape where visitors play in a tropical setting of flowing water, lush foliage, and exotic architecture. With meticulous attention devoted to the ambiance of the casino, it was only natural to incorporate scent into the unique environment. By utilizing the power of scent marketing they’re able to complete their unforgettable guest experience. Each Westin property around the world serves as a serene and distinctive alternative for those who appreciate a higher standard. All the Westin Hotels & Resorts are architecturally inspiring, thoughtfully designed and located in the world’s most exciting cities and sumptuous resort destinations. The addition of a custom-developed signature fragrance completes the full sensory approach that Westin takes when greeting their guests. By utilizing the power of scent marketing along with a branded fragrance, they’ve taken the idea of sensory branding to new heights.

SOLUTION Ensuring incredible brand fit, ScentAir fragrance programs are totally customizable for every hotel. In the brand immersion process, ScentAir helps each client find the scent that will spark emotions that align with each brand experience. ScentAir worked closely with the Mandalay Bay team to create a scent experience that complements the lush vegetation, flowing water and exotic décor. ScentAir’s ScentStream system delivers the aroma of Coconut Spice through the existing HVAC system across their 135,000 square foot casino. Accenting elements of the tropical setting, the ambient scent environment completes an unforgettable guest experience in one of the most renowned resorts Las Vegas has to offer. Their General Manager notes that when running Mandalay Bay “it’s all about the experience. ScentAir has added another dimension to our guests’ experience. Guests and staff just love it!” Westin has taken the idea of sensory branding and signature scent to a whole new level. They now offer consumers candles, oils and even a home version of the ScentWave system, all of which deliver their custom White Tea fragrance. 3810 Shutterfly Road, Suite 900 | Charlotte, NC 28217

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