ScentAir 2022 Product Catalog

Whisper PRO

ScentAir Whisper ™ PRO is an ultra-quiet, flexible Wi‑Fi-connected system, best for scenting small spaces. Create schedules and control intensity with your phone using the ScentAir app. Easy-change cartridges release dry, even fragrance for up to 300 hours.

Product Name: Connected or Manual Controls: Coverage:

Whisper PRO Connected & Manual

Up To 1,000 sq ft (93 sq m) Wall Mount & Freestanding Self-Service None

Mounting Options: Service Available: Product Maintenance:

Great for creating targeted fragrance zones that drive seasonal and themed product sales around a larger scenting strategy, or scenting small spaces, like salons, spas, waiting rooms and other small retail spaces.

Professional Grade Fragrance

Small Space Fragrance

Smart System Control

Commercial scent technology in an ultra-quiet, compact diffuser

Manage using the ScentAir app or pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Complex fragrances that diffuse more evenly than common air fresheners


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