ScentAir 2023 Product Catalog

Splash ScentAir Splashâ„¢ is a discreet, battery-powered system, best for scenting small and micro-spaces. Create scent schedules directly from the device. Easy-change cartridges release mess-free, even fragrance for up to 300 hours.

Product Name:

Splash Manual

Connected or Manual Controls


Up To 500 sq ft (46 sq m) Wall Mount & Freestanding Self-Service or ScentAir Full-Service Batteries Required Global

Mounting Options

Service Available

Product Maintenance

Regional Availability

Great for creating highly targeted scent experiences and neutralizing odors in small spaces without a power outlet.

Atomized Technology Consistently vibrant atomized fragrance for 30 days

Consistent Small Space Coverage

Customizable Scheduling Program custom scent schedules directly to the device

Professional-grade fragrance scaled to target small spaces


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