ScentAir 2023 Product Catalog

Breeze ScentAir Breeze™ is a Wi-Fi-connected system that releases consistent, no-fade fragrance in a fine, invisible mist. Easy-change cartridges and simple schedule and intensity control from any internet-connected device make system management a breeze.

Product Name

Breeze Connected & Manual

Connected or Manual Controls


Up To 2,000 sq ft (186 sq m) Wall Mount & Freestanding Self-Service None EMEA and APAC

Mounting Options

Service Available

Product Maintenance

Regional Availability

Great for creating zoned impressions in medium and small spaces, like reception areas, boutiques and model homes.

Atomized Technology Consistent fragrance for 30 days

Wi-Fi Device Control Controllable anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device

Revolutionary Vertical Design Vertical diffusion delivers even, seamless scent


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