ScentAir 2022 Product Catalog


ScentAir Breeze ™ is a Wi-Fi-connected system that releases consistent, no-fade fragrance in a fine, invisible mist. Easy-change cartridges and simple schedule and intensity control from any internet-connected device make system management a breeze.

Product Name: Connected or Manual Controls: Coverage:

Breeze Connected & Manual

Up To 2,000 sq ft (186 sq m) Wall Mount & Freestanding Self-Service None

Mounting Options: Service Available: Product Maintenance:

Great for creating zoned impressions in medium and small spaces, like reception areas, boutiques and model homes.

Atomized Technology Consistent fragrance for 30 days

Wi-Fi Device Control Controllable anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device

Revolutionary Vertical Design Vertical diffusion delivers even, seamless scent


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