ScentAir 2022 Product Catalog


ScentAir Direct ™ is a flexible system that maximizes scent delivery over medium-sized target areas. Advanced atomization technology releases a fine, invisible mist that can create fragrance zones or an all-over fragrance experience.

Floor-Standing Tower Available

Product Name: Connected or Manual Controls: Coverage:

Direct Connected & Manual Up To 3,000 sq ft (279 sq m)

Mounting Options: Service Available: Product Maintenance:

Vertical: Wall, Track, Shelf, Ceiling Mount ScentAir Full-Service or AMP Self-Service None

Great for creating zoned impressions in large and medium spaces, like hotel lobbies, large retail stores, medical offices and casino slot rooms.

Advanced Atomized Technology Releases fragrance in particles 1/50th the size of aerosol

Patented Fragrance Delivery System Fan-assisted fragrance delivery for maximum scenting performance

Flexible Scheduling Options Create custom scent schedules and adjust scent intensity


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